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By Lance Lot on February 7, 2017

When I played PT I was actually sweating. Never have I done that in a game before or since.

I don’t know whether it was the foreboding imagery or the eerie soundtrack beating against my eardrums but something was markedly different. Somehow that demo tapped in psychologically to some kind of primitive fear.

There has to be something said about seeing a truly horrifying figure just a few feet away from you, just standing there, waiting for you before the lights turn off or the sounds of a radio broadcast playing only to be interrupted by a gravelly voice saying “Don’t look behind you.”

That demo was littered with tons of moments like that. I can't even imagine if I had played through it in my younger ninja years. I probably would have ended up more messed up than I already am.

Truth is if they actually made it into a full game today I’m not even sure I could bring myself to play it, lol.


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P.T. (video game) Reviewed by Lance Lot on . Score: 92