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By Clinton Dager on December 9, 2016

The X-Files would have probably have been the single best sci-fi show ever created by Chris Carter and Fox. The show itself was very well made and had a good feel of jump-out horror, psychological horror and suspense horror. Which for a TV series is pretty good. The plot line itself was very well constructed. It would tell individual and bizarre stories but would have a bigger and more enticing plot that would reveal itself.

The characters have great chemistry together (Dana Scully and Fox Mulder). There is a perfect blend of cryptozoologists, rational-real-life people, control freaks, mysterious men and aliens. The show plays on such legends as Area 51, Lock Ness, Aliens, and Men in Black, abductions, freaks and more. The acting is solid, both on set and off set.

This movie would be ideal for those who believe that there is something out there and that the Truth is out there.

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